Q. My friends and I are interested in a clay pigeon shoot at your gun club. We have had no previous experience. Is there any chance that you could e-mail me some information on total cost, availability, how long does it takes etc?

A. I can answer two of the questions straight away, our prices  are £8 for 25 clays and £4.50 for 25 cartridges. You can shoot a round of Sporting (50 birds) with 4-5 Shooter being coached in about 1-1½ hours. Before I can answer availability, are you after a private shoot or when we are open on a Sunday?. We can do a private shoots on a Saturday but it would depend on the numbers of people coming and on a Sunday you can just turn up. We have people who are willing to teach you how to shoot, they do not charge, but you can give them something as a thank you.


Q. I have never been to your gun club before but am considering taking up shooting as a hobby. I was wondering, what is the best way to start out and how you would go about getting membership to your club?

A. First you need to see if you like clay pigeon shooting and the best way is to go to a club and have a shoot. If we are not local to you let me know where you are so I can suggest a club for you. Most gun clubs will let you have a go at some form of clay pigeon shooting. It is not worth joining a club until you know if you're going to take up shooting.


Q. I have always wanted to have a go at Clay pigeon shooting, would it be possible for me to come along as a beginner and have a go. I have no F.A.C. or a gun and is there an age limit?

A. Yes, you are welcome to come along and try clay pigeon shooting, we can provide the use of the club gun and we have cartridges available as we have an exemption certificate allowing us to provide clay shooting facilities to people with out a shotgun license Someone will go round with you when you shoot to teach you. No, but children who are too small will not be allowed to participate for safety reasons.


Q. How can I apply for a shotgun licence?

A: Anyone can apply for a shotgun license. Unless the police have good reason for not issuing one, then once a security cabinet has been installed & approved a license will be issued. For more information please visit  www.police.uk


Q. Do I need to book before coming to your club?

A. No you do not need to book or ask us to attend, we are only open Sundays 10am till 1pm.

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